Privacy Policy Addendum

Anytime Fitness集團下的任何一實體,包括Anytime Fitness有限責任公司,其總加盟商亞洲健身有限公司以及在台所有Anytime Fitness的加盟分店 (以下統稱為“Anytime Fitness健身集團公司”) 跟據穩私條款第二節所列出的目的,將在業務操作上於台灣海內外透過手動或電子方式收集、處理、使用及國際轉讓你的個人資料,或以Anytime Fitness健身集團公司代表委託第三方這麼做。Anytime Fitness 健身集團公司在此堅持遵照台灣個資法(“PIPA”)規定的要求。跟據個資法第三條指出,我們已向你收集個資內容,你可以提出對其存取、備份或補充的要求,或是要求任何Anytime Fitness健身集團公司以email方式寄發到穩私條款第九節所列的帳號以停止收集或刪除你的個資內容。您上述任何要求我們將及時並適當處理。您可以選擇不提供給任何Anytime Fitness健身集團公司您的個資內容; 但是,如果你這麼做,我們將無法提供給您任何相關產品或網站及App程式的資訊內容。

您也同意,在任一Anytime Fitness健身集團公司重整、出售或與其他公司合併的情況下,它可能會將你的個資內容視為我們的業務資產出售、分派或轉讓全部或大部分內容給其購買者或子公司(如適用)。

The entities under the Anytime Fitness group, including Anytime Fitness, LLC, its Master Franchisee Asia Fitness Limited, and all franchised Anytime Fitness® club locations in Taiwan (hereinafter collectively referred to the "Anytime Fitness Group Companies"), will, during their operations, for the purposes listed in Section 2 of the Privacy Policy, within and outside Taiwan, collect, process, use and internationally transfer your personal information manually or through electronic means, or commission third parties on behalf of the Anytime Fitness Group Companies to do so. Anytime Fitness Group Companies adhere to the requirements stipulated under the Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”). According to Article 3 of the PIPA, you may ask for access to, copies of, or to supplement your personal information we have collected, or request that any of the Anytime Fitness Group Companies cease or delete your personal information by sending an e-mail to the account listed in Section 9 of the Privacy Policy. Any of your above requests will be duly handled by us. You may choose not to provide your personal information to any of the Anytime Fitness Group Companies; however, if you do so, it may disable our ability to provide you with the most relevant products or information regarding the Sites and App.

You also agree that in the event that any of Anytime Fitness Group Companies is reorganized or sold to or merged with another company, it may sell, assign, or transfer your personal information to a purchaser of all or substantially all of our business assets, or to an affiliate, as applicable.

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